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From the mind of M. Scott Burgess comes a new episodic book-series that reimagines and redefines the zombie apocalypse genre.

In the near future, the world has died. With no warning, technology and communication shut down and the dead began to rise. They feed on their victims, pulling more to their ranks as they spread at an impossible rate. But hope survives, as a small band of survivors work together to escape from Southern California in hopes of finding sanctuary from a zombie- infested world. Their goal is to find some remnants of civilization but the farther they venture, the more they become aware that the world as they know it has been forever broken. What they donít realize is, there are things hiding in the shadows, things that are even far worse than the living dead.


Books in Series

Dead Solstice Kindle Dead Solstice Nook
Zombie Sickness Kindle Zombie Sickness Nook

The Plague - Episode 1
Dead Solstice

The Plague - Episode 2
Zombie Sickness

Episode 1 follows the story of Dean Gothurd as he wakes up into a zombie infested world. Episode 2 follows the story of Kai Ward, an EMT who witnesses the outbreak firsthand. 
A Man in the Darkness Kindle A Man in the Darkness Nook
Empire of the Dead  Kindle Empire of the Dead Nook

The Plague - Episode 3
A Man in the Darkness

The Plague - Episode 4
Empire of the Dead

Episode 3 follows the story of Elias Cowell and other survivors as they work together to try and survive a siege of the undead. Episode 4 follows the story of the survivors as they escape from hell in Orange County and search for refuge in the Inland Empire.
Valley of Death Empire of the Dead Nook
Valley of Death Empire of the Dead Nook

The Plague - Episode 5
Valley of Death

The Plague - Episode 6

Episode 5 continues the story of the survivors as they head north through Death Valley on their trek to the Sierras. The group reaches Mammoth and quickly discovers they aren’t welcome.

The Plague - Episode 7

There are worse things in the darkness than the undead.