I was a key member in the narrative development of Firefall, a AAA MMO-FPS that was developed by Red 5 Studios. On Firefall, I helped establish the foundational lore, back-history and characters, and wrote much of the dialog for its missions and quests.

I currently work at Netmarble, the largest mobile game company in Asia. I manage the Editing department and am responsible for polishing text and dialog for the publisher’s US titles.

I am also the author of the popular e-book series, the Plague- a zombie epic that has sold over 25 thousand copies.

When I'm not writing Great American Novels or designing mind-blowing videogame narratives, I like to spend time with my wife and daughter, chip away at my steam catalogue, and mow the lawn.


Developed Story, Wrote Dialogue and So Much More
Shepherded Writing, Editing and IP Consistency
Cleansed Text, Rewrote Dialogue
Advocated IP Consistency, improved Wording
Polished Strings, Wrote Item Lore, Championed Revamp
Shepherded Editing and IP Consistency
Strengthened Words, Named Characters, Dinosaurs, and Locations


Episode 1: Dead Solstice
A college student wakes up into an undead world.
Episode 2: Zombie Sickness
An EMT witnesses the outbreak firsthand.
Episode 3: A Man In the Darkness
The undead lay siege to a group of survivors.
Episode 4: Empire of the Dead
Survivors seek refuge Inland.
Episode 5: Valley of Death
Sanctuary lies on the other side of Death Valley.
Episode 6: Impasse
The group reaches Mammoth and quickly discovers they aren’t welcome.
Episode 7: Cannibal
There are worse things in the darkness than the undead.


Mission from Firefall
Oilspill takes the Player to help him deal with a mercenary group he's in debt to.
Sci-Fi Screenplay
After a catastrophic alien attack, the last human colony survives through radio silence.
Fantasy Screenplay
A curse from the gods has transformed the world into a drought-ridden ocean of sand.
Sci-Fi Prose
A woman tries to prove she is human and not a genetically engineered weapon.
Sci-Fi Screenplay
A lone outcast tries to free the world from its addiction to immortality.